About me

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Welcome! I'm Rose The Blogger; a mother, educator, sorority girl, writer/blogger and completely filter-free. I started writing journals as early as I can remember and later progressed to poetry and short stories. I have so many ideas floating around in my head all the time and what better way to bring them to life than to document it all in the most creative of ways. I came up with the idea to create a blog to talk about one of my favorite topics...sex! Not only will we discuss sex but also love and relationships. What women think, what men want and vice versa. In no way am I a sexpert but I wanted to create an adult-only blog spot where 'Nothing's too Risque' and people can be themselves and feel comfortable. I've always been the one to say what everyone else is thinking and I'm putting it all here! This blog was created by a woman but is not only for women. I welcome all ideas, so if there's a topic you feel us "grown-folk" need to discuss feel free to join the mailing list,leave a message or send an email to crunchingcookies16@gmail.com. You may even be featured!