A good read

Loved it *****  Liked it alot **** Liked it *** Meh** Don't bother*

An amazing self-help book about love and relationships ***


Many of us don't realize that we love in different ways. According to Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages, there are five ways that we love and build relationships. Learning your spouse's, friend's and even your children's love language is a great way to understand why they behave and react they way they do in relationships. 

Unlock the mysteries to your sexual appetite!! ****

The Erotic Mind: Unlocking the Inner Sources of Sexual Passion and Fulfillment by Dr. Jack Morin is a book about sexual appetites. I really liked this book because it says what I've been saying and feeling for a very long time. When you have a fulfilling sexual lifestyle you often have a fulfilling life in general.  Be comfortable with yourself and don't deny yourself that. 

Keep sex exciting and fulfilling ***

This book The New Male Sexuality by Dr. Bernie Zilbergeld addresses all those burning questions men have about sex and the women who love them. This is a guide to enhancing sexual desire and arousal and making sex more about pleasure than performance. 

The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring Woman ****


This is a must have for men who perform oral sex (should be all of you). Dr. Kerner let's us all in on the techniques and philosophies of giving head. She Comes First is a script to living a more fulfilling life by pleasing your woman.