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So what does it mean? I titled this blog spot Crunching Cookies because it's a euphemism for having sex. It started back in my college days. I had a crazy roommate from Jersey and we were sitting around one day talking about sex lol (because that's what 19 year old college students talk about) She said something like, "I got my cookies crunched" we stared at each other and laughed for what seemed to be forever. Since then I've been referring to the pants off dance off as crunching cookies! So, what's the point? The Crunching Cookies blog spot is a place for grown people to read about and discuss grown things. Many of us are too shy or think it's inappropriate or shouldn't be spoken about. Says who? Here we can let it all hang out, figuratively of course. What's the goal? Well, the plan is to post a new topic at least twice a month (mama got a job and a growing boy to feed). Depending on the pace of things and the responses I get, the more I will post. Please please please visit the contact me page and send a message or email me with topics, concerns, suggestions or just to say hey. If I decide to use one of your topics, you will be featured! Need some advice or just want to vent? Then the Hey Rose page is for you, send me your Hey Rose letters and I will address each and every one. I'm in the beginning phases of developing Crunching Cookies and with your help this can be an amazing place for real people to get really real! Please make sure you follow my fan page on Facebook and remember "nothing's too ris'que".

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