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Sex In Public Places

How spontaneous are you? Have you ever fantasized about having a sexy rendezvous in the middle of a park, on a beach or in a stall in a public restaurant? Don't worry, you're not a weirdo or a perv if you have these thoughts. Fantasizing about having sex in public places is actually a pretty common fantasy. Why? Well I think, it's the thrill. I think we all have that side of us that will do something we know very well may get our asses in trouble but we do the shit anyway. Do you smoke weed? Drink and say "I'm good, I can drive home?" Take office supplies at work that are suppose to be for everyone? It's almost like the possibility of getting caught excites us.

The same goes for sex, for some the chance of someone walking in on you or catching you in the act gets you off even more. Arousal can be split into two categories, danger arousal and sexual arousal. According to Dr. Paul Dobransky author of The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love, "they’re two sides of the same coin, but the brain doesn’t always know the difference and can easily confuse the two.” The older we get and the more we mature however, the brain starts to rationalize and we're less likely to be caught with our pants down on a rooftop.

Surprisingly sex in public places is on a rise and becoming more popular. Maybe it's not so surprising being that we're living in the day of freaky millennials. With blogs, and social media, dating sites and You Tube it's like a step by step guide to sex everywhere. So what exactly does all of this mean? Sex can become routine very quickly with couples. It's the same ol' same ol', you know which way to turn, what move comes next and just how long it's going to last. In fact, I recommend breaking out of your routine in the New Year. If you're in a relationship, add spice to your sex life and challenge yourselves. Challenge yourselves to find a new public place to be intimate for every month of the year.

Need some ideas? In the car, public park, on your daily commute, plane or in your own backyard. Try it out then let me know how it's going? Visit the contact page and send me your Hey Rose letters! Remember "nothing's too risque".

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