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Who's That Girl?

Don't ever make me have to question who another female is to you. Right? Isn't that how we all feel? Guys too? Who is this chick/guy that is always the FIRST to like your posts? How long have you known him/her? What is the nature of your friendship? QTNA (questions that need answers) There's alot of thirsty females and guys out here, in this day of social media. Most of them are lurking and waiting for your relationship to fail so they can slide through.

Can men and women really be friends? I'm sure we've all asked this question and have had debates on this topic. Some think it's possible and others say absolutely not. I think it depends on the individuals and the nature of their friendship. I personally have several friends of the opposite sex. I'm socially involved so my network is bigger than most.

That however can make your significant other uncomfortable. Respect is key in a relationship, so bottom line if they're not with it, don't do it. Even if it's a situation where you know that the friendship is strictly platonic. With that being said, how much do you trust your partner? If you're secure in your place and the status of your relationship then you really have nothing to worry about. Yea, in a perfect world. I see it this way, I know you and I trust you but I don't know these hoes! How many times has a female commented on your man's pic or post something that made you want to find where that bitch stay so she can get the hands? Those are the ones you definitely want to look out for. Why you ask? Simple, because they're savage! They don't care about your relationship and definitely don't respect it.

Can my man have female friends? Absolutely, I would be a hypocrite if I said no, because I have male friends. What you can't have is a "friend" that calls at all hours of the night, isn't my friend on social media, and is sliding through your dms and being inappropriate. Hell if that's your friend, then we all friends!

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