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Treat Her Right, Eat Her Right

Let me just start off by saying eating pussy is absolutely necessary, I don't want to ever hear any man say, " I don't eat pussy". If you don't I guarantee you will be a very lonely man. For me personally it's a requirement. It's like this, you need to make your woman feel like she is wanted and you appreciate her sexually. For a man, most times sex is just about getting the nut. It's different for women. We are very emotional beings and taking care of her sweet spot let's her know that you want to be there with her.

Most women don't even cum from penetration so if you really want her to feel like it's all about her, get her there. How? So many men have NO CLUE what they're doing down there. It's called a cat but we don't want kitten licks. When you do that, all you're doing is ticking us. I know all your boys say "tickle the kitty". STOP. NO. WRONG. That ain't it. You literally have to make love to the cookie with your mouth. Kiss, caress and love the cookie. Don't stay in one spot because that's boring and we're probably laying on our backs rolling our eyes. Leave no curve, corner, crevice, nook, cranny or fold untouched.

Set your mind to nothing but tasting her. Stay focused on what it is you're doing and how you want her to feel. Start out by kissing her whole body and work your way down. Three areas of focus are her belly, pelvic bone and pubic bone. Use your hands to squeeze and grab her for added stimulation. Pretend you're hungry and her cookie is what you've been craving all day. Devour her. She should be so wet between stimulation and your saliva that there's a wet spot when you're done. DO NOT enter her. Giving head is foreplay and you should be trying to playfully entertain her before sex. Don't ignore her labia (lips). Make your fingers wet and spread her labia apart. With a flat tongue lick her labia from the bottom to the top, both the left and the right. You can also suck gently on each of her inner lips.

Three things you must do if you want to please your woman correctly while giving head:

1. Don't ignore the "happy bump". The happy bump is my name for the clit. It needs to be kissed on, sucked on and some even like it flicked with the tongue or fingers.

2. Pull back the clitoral hood! Expose the clit itself for better access. Now this one may not be for everyone because once the hood is pulled back, it is the most sensitive part on the woman's body and she may cum almost automatically. For some it is so sensitive that it may not be pleasurable because the sensation is too intense.

3. Tongue penetration. Penetrate her with your tongue using in and out movements that you would normally do with your penis when having sex.

**Special tip...5 minutes isn't good enough. Stay there until the goal is reached, tease her while you please her.

I promise if you follow these top 3 tips you will definitely satisfy your woman. Be careful though, these tips just may have her addicted to you!

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