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He Said:So my perspective is simple if she is not feeling you then you're not going to get the same quality of pussy. Every female can get wet and all females can squirt, some easier then the next but if she is not feeling you mentally then you have no chance of getting the full experience. When I say full experience I mean getting the total package of sexual desires and fantasies. When having sex you should always push her to her climax and if not then in my opinion you have failed.

You need to be connected on another level to truly enjoy the experience, even if you are attracted to her sexually. Trust me I get it I have had sex with plenty of women that I was attracted to sexually and that's it. If there is not a sexual and mental attraction then it's just another female with some wet pussy and as a male your goal is just to bust and go home. Not to mention once you nut unless she's your girl or wife you are like why the fuck am I here? Point is simple if she ain't really feeling you, then if and when you finally get the pussy it will probably be wack. So I guess the rebuttal might be if she ain't feeling you then why would she let you hit? Think about how she might be feeling you on a different level like visual experience. There's plenty of times we as men have sex with females just to bust a nut and not have any attraction, its just to get to bust that nut which is the feeling men are addicted to.With that being said fellas don't waste ya TIME and when I say TIME I mean TIME because that's the one thing in life you cant get back so if its not worth the TIME tell her to kick rocks.

She Said: Believe it or not I agree with R.J. If you want to achieve the highest level of sexual gratification, then you should absolutely be attracted to something other than what the person looks like. Don't get it twisted, I'm not sleeping with someone I'm not physically attracted to but that's not all to it. I say spend time with the person you are interested in before taking it there. Now I'm not unrealistic or living in the twilight zone, I know that sometimes shit happens and goes down whenever. This post isn't about booty calls or oops. It's for people who want to continue having sex with a particular person.

Ever sleep with a female and it's like the Sahara desert? Here's why, she's just not that in to you. We all have had sex just for the sake of doing it. I personally have slept with someone that I thought was fine as fuck but that's all that I liked about him. I assumed that because I was attracted to him the sex would be good. WELL....it wasn't. I spent the whole experience wanting it to be over. When you desire the person you are laying with, vibe heavy, and share common interests, the sex will be so much better. Now this business about every girl can squirt...I don't know R.J my squirt must be broke or it's just not true. Lol. I think as far as getting wet enough, the more in to the person the wetter you'll be. Squirting depends on how sensitive a woman's G-Spot is and if it's actually being hit, but that's a post for another day! Bottom line is take your time. Sex should be enjoyed, an outer body experience that takes you into ecstasy.

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