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Is Three Really A Crowd?

I've done a little research via question and answer on the topic of threesomes recently. Believe it or not threesomes seem to be on the forefront of most people's bucket list. It seems like the number one reason most people haven't followed through with actually doing it is because they can't find a third person. Either they're too afraid to ask their partners or too afraid to ask a third party.

Adding a third party to the mix can get tricky. It's hard enough trying to please your partner. Figuring out their likes and dislikes, what positions work best and what turns them on. So imagine adding another person to the mix and trying to make all three happy. A threesome is really easy to fuck up if there aren't clear lines of communication across the board. You have to ask yourself a few things before considering a threesome.

Why?Why do you want to have a threesome? Are you just trying to fulfill a fantasy and is it going to be a one time thing? Is it something that you're going to want on a regular basis and is your partner cool with that? Answering these questions first will help you to find what kind of person to invite into your bedroom. What? What kind of threesome are you looking for? The most common threesome is BGG (boy girl girl) however there are other forms, BBB, GGG, BBG but whatever floats your boat, the rules don't change. Finding out what makes everyone happy is definitely important.

Usually if you're going to do it with two women, they at least have to get along as friends first or at least want to jump each other's bones regardless of if the guy is in the room or not. The scenario with the girl sitting on the sidelines masturbating while girl #1 and the guy go at it is pointless. If you're going to do it, go all in. Positions are important. Try sitting on the guy's face while the other girl rides him. Stay busy so that no one feels left out. Everyone should have a job at all times. If you want to sit and watch go to Pornhub!

I also recommend not messing with close friends. This can get messy and jealousy can also factor in. Have a serious conversation with your partner before doing this. Make sure they can handle it and aren't too much in their head about it. If you have to overthink it, then it probably isn't for you. This is a huge sexual decision to make and you have to be able to accept what may or may not come after. There's always the concern with a couple that maybe my partner will be more attracted to the new person or want to see this person even when I'm not around. Be clear with your partner and set boundaries! If you're a couple, I suggest the same sex partner choose the other person. For example if you're adding a guy then the guy should pick who that person is. If you're adding a female then the the girl should choose who. This may help with that jealousy factor that we talked about earlier.

Normalize your relationship after doing something so out of the box such as a threesome. Do something together, if you're a couple. Whether it be a date night or just some alone time cuddling and appreciating each other. I know this seems like a hell of alot of information to consider, especially if you're just looking to have some fun and spice up your sex life, but I guarantee you these tips will ensure that the experience is amazing and it strengthens your relationship and sexual appetite.

***Topic sent in by Marshall Poetry of Legion of Love Podcast


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