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Is Three Really A Crowd?-Experiences

As a result of the overwhelming responses, comments and experiences after my last post, I've decided to write a part 2. This week's post is a look into some of the experiences that followers shared with me. These are just a few that stood out to me....

A positive experience:

My experience was very positive and I have a unique situation as well. Back in 2010 during my wife's 21st bday we had a threesome, liquor induced but a threesome nonetheless lol. It was a dope experience because everyone was down for the cause, she was a friend of my wife's (This is all before we were married) They kind of got things started and I followed them into the room. We were all pretty comfortable and willing to go there so there were no strange moments at all. We all messed around orally, I didn't penetrate the other girl because my lady didn't want that to happen which was ok with me because you have to respect one another's wishes. Like you said in the article it won't really work if the rules aren't in place. I think one of the biggest issues with people trying is that they don't really understand what they're dealing with. Men love the idea but they don't have women who are really into it so it becomes an uphill battle for them

My wife is bisexual so I got lucky with that situation and recently we've been looking to find a constant 3rd if possible because of how she feels about women and me being a man and enjoying them lol. We actually went to a swingers club last weekend and it was a very interesting experience. We didn't deal with anyone else but the atmosphere itself was enough to make us return soon to see if we can find that possible 3rd....


Not so much:

I've only done it once and the experience wasn't that great. I had just come in late from an event. A few weeks earlier I ran into a friend from college and we had been talking off and on since. I was entirely too inebriated to be making any type of rational decisions He called and said, "Hey I have a friend in town and we want to know if you're down for a threesome". My response was something like, um..ok...I guess. So he and the girl picked me up and we went back to his place. It was his first time too but the girl was a threesome vet. It started with her taking off all my clothes and pleasuring me orally. I have to admit she was good at it but she was very aggressive. She wouldn't let me touch myself, almost like I was disrespecting her by doing it. I definitely had no clue what I was doing and her expressions made that very clear. He was like a dog in heat and way too excited to finally living out a fantasy. I'm not saying that I won't do it again but if I ever do, there will be alot more planning involved lol.


Well damn!

I'm in a relationship and have been for the last 5 years. My girl and I have threesomes often. We started about 2 years into our relationship and it was her idea. I always thought about it but it was more of an I wish sort of thing. So I was all for it when she asked if I was with it. I love my girl and honestly sex with her was just fine. We definitely weren't struggling in that area. Our bedroom is always wild, which is one of the reasons I love my girl so much. She's open to almost everything and she sort of broke me out of my own sexual inhibitions. Our first time was with a co-worker of hers. I noticed she was spending alot of time with this one female at her job. I thought nothing of it, because when a girl gets a new bff they're usually around all the time. So I'm just playing around with her one day and say something like " you better not be cheating on me with..." she looks at me and smiles and says "no but what if we all did something". I laughed it off and said you're bugging. She kept bringing it up over the next couple of months, and I started to realize like she was serious. So we talked more about it and established some rules. She was really down for whatever she just didn't want me hooking up with the chick when she wasn't around. We messed around with that chick for almost a year until she moved away. We did it at least once a month and no real issues came up. We've been doing it here and there for the last 3 years with different people. Nothing really steady like the first time. My girl knows that I'm not going anywhere and we trust each other so being sexually free works for us.

These three stories show us that everyone's experience won't be the same. You may be down for a threesome, do it and never want to do it again or you can turn it into a thing between you and your partner. What I do recommend is that whatever you do, you do it more than once. Personally I've had sex with someone once and it was wack sauce and then on the next go round I'm like oh ok he had a bad night lol. Don't ever restrict yourself sexually because you're worried about how it'll come across or because you think it's not the right thing to do. Who makes the rules? You do! In addition to that, what you do in the bedroom really isn't anyone's business. If you want to share do. If you don't, don't.

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