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What Drives You?

I posed a few questions to the Crunching Cookies Facebook page a couple weeks ago: How many times a week should we be having sex? How much is too much? How little is not enough? Does it matter if you're in a relationship or not? So let's take a minute to go into some details about these questions. It seems the overall consensus is if you're in a relationship then it depends on the dynamic of that relationship and the individuals involved. Your sex drive HAS to match your significant other's or someone will end up feeling neglected and that opens the door to infidelity and mistreatment. For instance Person A wants it 4 or 5 times a week and Person B wants it once a week or even less, Person A may cheat because someone else is giving it to them as often as they want it. It could also cause frustration, boredom and lack of interest in your partner.

So how much sex is too much sex? Well, if you're constantly thinking about sex, needing to have it multiple times a day or watching a porno every time you have a free moment; you may be addicted to sex and that's no joke. Sex should definitely be enjoyed but not to the point where it's consuming your everyday life and you need it like you need air. I think if you're in a committed relationship, four is a great number and that will help you maintain a healthy relationship. Now if you and your partner can handle more, then by all means do you! How much is not enough? The answer to this depends on a couple of things. Once a week in my opinion is just not enough to maintain a healthy relationship. Now I am a realist and I understand that life happens and things like work and children can get in the way however, you have to find the time to please your partner.

Conversations most definitely need to be had with the person that you're intimate with. So many people are afraid to be open and honest with their partner. If you can not openly and comfortably communicate with the person that you're sleeping with, then why are you sleeping with them? This goes for people in relationships and for those who are just enjoying each other's company sexually. I say if you're privileged enough to see me naked then you have to know what to do with me. The person you lay with needs to know how much you need it, how you like it and where you like it.

Does it matter if you're n a relationship or not? I don't think so. If you're not in a relationship I think it's easier. You don't have anyone's expectations to meet and you get it when you want it.

So what drives you? The experts say that a man's sex drive is stronger and more straightforward than a woman's. What does that mean? Well, let's break it down:

1. Men think about sex more often

2. Men are more likely to seek sex

3. Women's turn on's are more complicated than a man's

4. Women's sex drive often times is influenced by their environment

5. Women experience orgasms differently than men

Testosterone has been linked to sex drive in both men and women. But testosterone works much faster in men with low libidos than women. Men are usually the one's to initiate sex and things like environment don't really matter to them, for the most part. A woman however has things, like mood swings and periods and other stresses that can cause their minds to wander elsewhere when it's time to have their cookies crunched. If we are somewhere else in our minds, then we usually will be as dry as the Sahara desert when it's time to have sex. The key to getting sex on a regular is knowing what turns your sexual partner on. The mistake most folks make is that they think if one person, likes something then it should become like their signature move. Eh, WRONG! Everyone's likes and dislikes are not the same and what John did to turn me on may not work when Jack does it!

What do the Cookie Followers say about what drives them?

A fresh haircut!- Ashley M.

Bomb ass head!- Anonymous

Any fat ass- Ryan C.

I'm a romantic, so candlelight roses and old school R&B- Brittany J.

Taking interest in what I'm interested in is a huge turn on for me-Anonymous

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