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Sloppy Toppy: oral sex 😎

Ok now that we've gotten that out of the way, we've already discussed pleasing her right? Now let's talk about the best way to please your man. 

Ladies I'm going to tell you how to give head like a pro. Pleasing your man is one of the greatest sexual gifts you can give him however, knowing how  to give good  head is where alot of us don't exactly measure up. 

First and most importantly a genuine desire to want your man to feel good sexually is key and can be a turn on for you too. 

Step 1. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top

Start at the base. Use your lips to lightly squeeze it and make sure to kiss and lick it. Slowly move your tongue along the underside of the base all the way up the soft ridge that runs the length of the penis. Once you reach the top, take it into your mouth and make it slippery! 

Step 2. Don't forget the tip

The top of a man's penis is the most sensitive which means more pleasure. Concentrate on this part more than anything else. The best thing about this is focusing on the head means you don't have to worry about taking it into your mouth too deep. This eliminates coughing, choking or gagging. Although, some men appreciate a deep throater. Start by gently and softly kissing the head of the penis with wet lips before taking it into your mouth. Make a circular motion with your tongue. Use your spit to make it wet. I personally don't think you need to slobber and make a water slide out of your man's ass crack to give good head. You really need to talk with your partner about what his likes and dislikes are. 

Step 3.  Use your hands

You may be wondering what techniques are best to use with your mouth and tongue. Sometimes we get so stuck on the blowjob part that we forget to use our hands. I promise he'll love when you use your hands, if you do it right. Move your hands in a circular motion, gently massaging the shaft from top to bottom. You can use one​ hand and massage while using the other hand to lightly cup and squeeze his testicles. Once you get the hang of it, it'll be easy. 

Step 4. Use some suction

You're not trying to suck anything out of him! The purpose behind suction is to apply skin on skin contact and offer more stimulation. Take him further into your mouth and wrap your lips around it so no air can get in or out. 2 inches is good but 5 is great! Gently suck so your lips and cheeks close in around his shaft and head. Slowly move your head up and down while trying to maintain a gentle suction. Don't forget to breathe! Suck for 10 to 20 seconds at a time and take a breath. 

So often woman watch terrible pornos or crazy youtube tutorials with grapefruit 😕😒. You don't need any of that. Follow these steps and add your own dick sucking swag and you'll be a pro in no time. Perfect your craft and most importantly enjoy it. If you're not enjoying it, you'll be miserable and he will tell and then it's a terrible experience for everyone involved. 

Simple right?! 

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