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Black Women Don't Do That!

On Episode 6 'Hella Blows' of HBO'S comedy-drama Insecure Issa is giving Daniel head and he ejaculates in her face, even getting some in her eye. She gets irrate screaming at him, "did you really just do that?" She's so angry that she leaves his place and ignores his attempts to reach out. So that leads me into our next topic, "Black Women Don't Do That!" 

Is that really true though? I know that growing up I've heard several times that black women do not give head and that it was a white woman's thing to do. I don't know if I necessarily believe that. I feel like giving head is necessary foreplay and a part of having sex. I also don't think that it's something that one race does more or less than the other. 

A sexually active grown adult understands how giving head is essential to a better sexual experience and sets the mood up for how into you your partner will be. I will say that I have heard women express that they aren't that good at it and don't like doing it for that reason, but they're still doing it like it or not. We really need to get rid of this old ass misconception that black women aren't out here in these streets sucking dick. This isn't high school or middle school where girls were saying, "eww that's nasty" or "I'd never do that!" 

The conversation usually is geared more towards black women not giving head unless they're in a committed relationship. Even then there are plenty of black women who suck dick as part of their regular routine in the sheets. I mean come on, what's the big deal? It's 2017 and "Nothing's too Risque". Somehow somewhere along the lines we've been brain washed into thinking that pleasing your man is for white women, loose women or "light-skinned" as Issa and her homegirls put it. 

I think maybe this idea stems from slavery and 'massa' sneaking into the barns to take advantage of the female slaves. These women were degraded and forced to do things to their slave master, sometimes in front of their husbands. However, we're a whole different kind of slave these days and pleasing our men should be a choice that we make despite race or what we think people will say about us if we admit to doing it.  

I will say this. Don't nut in my damn face! 😒  I think I can speak for most black women when I say that part just might be for our snow bunny friends. If I'm pleasing you and you feel you're about to let go, LET ME KNOW! I don't want that sticky mess on my face let alone in my eye. I was almost blinded once trying to show my man that I was down for whatever. My eye was red and swollen for about 3 hours. 😭 On a serious note the thought of a guy busting a nut on my face makes me think prostitute, porn star or freak jawn.

The load in Issa's eye borders disrespectful and I can see why she was so upset. In most of my Insecure forums it's been a debate. On one side the argument is well he did warn her and she kept going. The other side is they're not together nor have they had that conversation so he should've just known better. I can understand both sides but I will say that men are simple creatures. They don't think very far or that deep. He figured "hey I told her I'm cumming and she's still going so maybe she wants it". 

Women please be specific with your man and have those kinds of discussions. 

Head is an important part of sex and should be celebrated even bragged about. I personally don't have any friends that don't do it. You just never hear men nowadays saying they're not eating pussy. 

Sucking dick is not reserved for white women, freaky Asian women and thots. It's all about pleasure and setting the tone for a bomb ass sexual experience! 

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"Nothing's too Risque" 😉

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