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Love & Closure

I sent a text to my ex that read that I miss you! But not really her, the one I was with before we had any issues. You see I need ventilation, I have hated you so long I pin point you as the start of my mental health deterioration. I have been out here dating and masquerading like everything is fine. Out on dates in the middle of conversations as I am sipping my wine. I space out at the question "Why are you single"? As I put my thoughts in rewind. I never quite healed for the battles we went through, I let wounds fester to infection that affected my personality as an individual. Time heals all wounds. I wish it all could be so simple, but in reply to that question I say I haven't met someone that spirit matches mine identical. Lying, knowing I had everything I ever wanted with you. I sent a text to my ex just to see what she would say, but before I hit send. I deleted it and carried on with my day. Love & Closure.

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