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Bad Sex

Have you ever had your expectations of someone you're really into not met because the sex was wack? What if that person was your spouse? Do you tell them that their sex game is trash or do you fake it til' you make it?

Bad Sex is a serious issue in alot of relationships. I've personally had experiences where I'm looking at the ceiling the entire time, playing with my nails and faking sounds of pleasure all the while wishing the nightmare would be over and he would just roll off already! No one wants to tell their spouse or even their hookup that they do nothing for you sexually. (Although it may be easier to tell the hookup 🤔) So what do you do? Well if it's just a hookup then they need not be a hookup any longer, but if it's your spouse or someone you really care for then you need to turn bad sex into a teachable moment.

How you ask? You have to first have a conversation with your significant other. Be open and honest with them. Nothing is worse than a relationship with poor communication. Tell them that you are not satisfied with the shared experience in the bedroom. Explain to them in details what you like sexually and what it takes for you to climax. Don't forget to tell them the things they do that you do enjoy. "I love how you touch me" "I love how whisper in my ear" "I like it when you kiss me softly".

Don't let bad sex ruin your relationship. You cannot expect the other person to be intuitive to what it is you need. If you're with someone for a significant amount of time and the sex isn't getting better, don't be passive! At some point you can't continue to blame the other person. If you're not comfortable with verbally telling your partner. (Then you shouldn't be having sex at all 🙃) Just kidding. If you're uncomfortable telling them then show them. Guide their hands, ask them to change positions and set the pace yourself. If your partner is really into you and they respect your relationship then they will be open to constructive criticism.

Although I've done it I don't recommend ever faking an orgasm. It sets both parties up for failure. It doesn't help you to pretend that you're being satisfied because your partner thinks they're putting it down and it will never get better. It doesn't help he/she to go through life thinking they're doing something but they're really not.

Try different things in the bedroom. Don't get stuck doing missionary all the time. Men especially enjoy sex more when they have an active partner. Take control some of the time, use toys (if your partner is into that) and NEVER EVER SKIP FOREPLAY! Foreplay is so important to a healthy sex life and sets the tone for a great sexual experience. Don't feel guilty about wanting to have sex that makes your toes curl.

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