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Love me or Love me not?

Are you wondering if you have a Valentine this year even though you've been talking to, dating, smashing the same guy for a while? Chances are if you have to wonder if you'll get a romantic dinner or flowers delivered to your job then you're a side chick. You'll probably be rolling your eyes at Sheila from accounting all day as you walk pass her cubicle & see the over-sized balloons sitting on her desk & Janet in the cubicle next to you as she swoons about the bouquet of roses that her man sent her.

Valentine’s Day can be a time for old couples to remind each other of the love they have within their relationship and for new couples to take things to the next level. However, Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time for those who are unsure about the nature of their relationship.

Some reaffirm that their relationship is promising, while others find out the hard way that they probably aren’t they only one. So how do you know if you're the side chick or the main chick?

Here's some signs you're the other woman on Valentine's Day:

1. Your significant other wants to celebrate Valentine's Day on the 13th or the 15th. We all know these are the ridiculous unofficial "side chick days"

2. Your significant other wants to spend Valentine's Day with family or friends instead of you. For what?! I know they're damn sure not about to do what I have planned tonight....

3. He wants to have lunch with you but not dinner. He wants to chill with you but he has plans later tonight with his main.

4. He's unavailable after 8 p.m. Like I said, he's with his main one. It's 2018 & people have their phones in their hands damn near 24/7. He can't answer because it's on silent face down.

5. He fakes sick. You call him to wish him a Happy Valentine's Day and he answers sounding groggy and coughing up a lung. He was fine yesterday and now he sounds like he's dying from Ebola. What a coincidence! I guess you guys can't go on that date now.

6. You don't know where you stand. You've been dating and sexing for months, maybe even years but you still don't know if you're friends with benefits, cutty buddies or in a relationship.

7. All of a sudden he has to work late. He's never had to work late before and on this day of all days he gets "called into work".

Sis if most of these signs describe your relationship...you're not in a relationship. Do better! He either has a girlfriend that isn't you, a player with multiple women or just not that into you.

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