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Imperfectly Perfect

Perfect doesn't exist. There is no such thing. When you stop trying to manifest the perfect person and let the other person respectfully be themselves, it gets easier. A relationship should also be a partnership. One person shouldn't be a dictator facilitating their own expectations of how they want the relationship to go. So what does that all mean?

We spend alot of our lives in relationships with people who we aren't meant to be with; trying to convince ourselves that we can mold the other person into the perfect person. You can't change anyone.We fool ourselves into thinking that the longer we're with someone the more time we have to create an ideal partner. We're so blinded by the images of relationships that we see on t.v, social media and even within our inner circles that we keep striving to obtain something unrealistic. A real loving relationship isn't always glitter and gold. Instead it's two people who accept each other for their differences, compromise and most importantly communicate. Effectively communicate. Good communication is more than just two people exchanging words. It's being able to absorb what the other person is saying and accept it. That doesn't mean you have to agree with it but it does mean acknowledging their point and respect it. Never let the other person feel bad for feeling what they feel or thinking the way they think.

If it's too damn hard, leave it alone. I've heard people say "relationships are hard work" more times than I care to admit. Bull shit. A relationship should not be hard. If you accept the person for who they are, flaws and all then why should it be hard? If you're effectively communicating then why should it be hard? If you're allowing the other person to feel then why should it be hard? Love is easy and should come naturally if it's meant to be. Of course there will be disagreements and arguments, no one's perfect but if they are frequent and you feel like you're constantly repeating the same thing then there is no respect. Someone or both people don't care enough to agree to disagree.

Stop always wanting to be in control! One adult can not and should not control the other. Be partners. Let each other take the wheel in their respective abilities. If you know your shit isn't cooking, stop always burning things in the kitchen.If you know your shit isn't planning a trip, don't end up in a roach motel because you just had to be in control. However men if you can't dress, let your woman lay out your fit. Don't go out with her looking like you just rolled out of bed because you just had to be in control and refused to let her show you what was best.

Why "imperfectly perfect"? A few people reached out to me and said "you know the saying is perfectly imperfect right"? Well it depends on how you look at things. The way I see it, being imperfectly perfect is being your authentic self, who you really are. We all have imperfections that we stitch together to create a perfect version of ourselves. Someone will love you and want you for the beauty of your well put together imperfections rather than pretending to be perfect and finding out our imperfections later. The minute we allow things to happen as they should we'll see perfection. Perfect for you. The person who you should be with. Don't overlook Mr. or Ms. Perfect for you because he or she isn't the made up image you had in mind. Like Katt Williams says in American Hustle, some of y'all had 98% and gave it up for a measly 2%. If the good in that person, their loyalty and their ability to compromise and to love you FLAWS AND ALL outweighs the bad then hold on.

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